Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Check out this workout programmed by @krishnacurry to work your core and activate some mobility in your hips! Do it right in your home, take it to the gym, or even outside at your local park or track. We show you a full step by step (with video!) of each exercise right here.


So you have some power resistance bands? Let's put them to work!

@krishnacurry is a coach, athlete, and fitness model. She's created this circuit for a full body engagement you can accomplish anywhere. Work your core and improve mobility in your hips as you charge up your glutes and fire up your hip abductors ⚡️ 


FULL BODY CIRCUIT: So what's the plan?

Do this circuit of 4 exercises all the way through with minimal rest in between. Complete the set 3 times over with 3 minutes of rest after each full set.

  1. 15 Reps: Pallof Press 
  2. 45 Seconds: Hip Bridges 
  3. 10 Push Ups 
  4. 15 Crab Walks 


Snag the red extra light resistance band from your set. Find a good anchor point and loop the band into itself. Grasp the free end of the resistance band with both hands. Position yourself with as much distance needed to create tension from your anchor point.

With a secure hip-width stance and engaged core, start with your hands at your chest.

Extend your hands out in front of you in a straight line while you keep your core tight. Resist twisting your torso towards the anchor point. Then, bring your hands back in to your starting point.

Slow, controlled movements are best as you focus on keeping your muscles engaged against the pull of the band.

Complete 15 extensions facing one way, then complete another 15 facing the opposite direction.


No introduction needed for this glute favorite.

Grab your purple medium band and lay it across your hips while laying down. Loop each end of the band under your heels. Toes up, secure your heels down in a position that keeps the band tight.

Raise your hips and squeeze your glutes at the top before slowly lowering back down without fully resting on the floor. Repeat for 45 seconds.


Loop a resistance band over your shoulders and place your hands in the ends. The resistance band can line the inside or outside of your arms: whatever is most comfortable.

Start in a plank position: hands just outside shoulders, core tight, feet together, and neck long.

Slowly fight the resistance as you lower your chest to the floor; elbows bending at a 45 degree angle from the body.

Pause at the bottom then press through the floor to raise yourself back up. Complete 10 push ups.


Loop a resistance band around your shoes and hold with both hands at your chest.

Start in an engaged position: feet hips-width apart, knees bent, core tight. Band should be tight.

Starting in one direction, step your foot out laterally then bring your other foot in the same direction. Don't let the band go loose on you. Keep a distance between your feet that keeps the band tight.

Pro tip: think about leading the step with your knee, not your foot.

Repeat for a total of 15 steps before stepping in the opposite direction to lead with the other leg.



Let's see what you've got

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