Find your perfect bench for weight lifting, training, plyometrics, or step-ups. Any home gym needs a basic flat weight lifting bench to perform upper body strength exercises like bench presses, bent over rows, seated curls and more. A flat bench is a great companion for lower body work such as hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, step ups, and so much more. Turn it up a notch with a professional incline bench to widen your exercise possibilities and target all angles. Epic Fitness benches come with a 1 year warranty.

Looking for that perfect rack to get your free weights organized at home? Keep all your dumbbells in reach and perfectly organized in a vertical rack. A-Frame vertical racks for free weights are the most space efficient way to keep your home gym organized no matter if you have a spot in your living room or a full garage. You'll want to keep your dumbbells stacked to stay clean and keep your workout space clear for any movement. Our racks are constructed from heavy duty steel with a black powder coat to last.