Dumbbells for any skill level, sold as pairs or in a complete set. These are your "day 1" pieces of equipment that will be your go-to for any level targeted or full body workouts. Our hex dumbbells are solid iron coated in a durable, odorless PVC. This material is longer lasting than rubber dumbbells and is safe for any flooring. Non-marking dumbbells will be your best decision for your new home gym. Rubber dumbbells tend to ship with an oil coating that stinks. Don't settle! Get the most premium dumbbells on the market that don't have any odor, ship clean, and can be used immediately! Our hex dumbbells have a chrome plated ergonomic handle with medium knurling for a perfect non-slip grip. Prefer a smoother feel? We've got you covered with our fully coated neoprene dumbbells. These dumbbells are hand-dipped in a pristine neoprene coating that covers the iron top to bottom. This coating is noise-reducing and guaranteed to never snag your athletic wear! Plus, looks fantastic with every other piece of equipment in your gym. Choose from a dumbbell set with a rack, in pairs, or a complete dumbbell set. We have a complete 5-50lb dumbbell set with a rack ready to transform your garage gym. Need something for a smaller space? Our 150lb or 210lb dumbbell set with an A-frame storage rack fits in any corner!